Inclusive & Authentic PR Campaigns: Best Practices You Should Know

Join HPRA-LA & CAPIO for this webinar to learn best practices to help your PR & communications campaigns reach diverse target audiences!

As PR and communications pros, we are expected to develop & deliver communications campaigns that are as integrated, comprehensive & targeted as can be. But the reality is, we’re often in go-mode with multi-functional roles we have.

In today’s world, inclusive communication needs to be important to our communities, customers & clients because it is important to their target consumer, but are we really up to speed on the latest tips & insights to ensure our campaigns are as inclusive as they should be?

PR expert Marcie Perez, founder & principal of Agency M Media, will discuss best practices that will help your PR and communications campaigns align to support inclusion across social meida comms, collateral, messaging & more to reach the diverse target audiences you are after!

Maria’s Social Media Handles: